Terms & Conditions of CGN Promotions.com

This agreement (referred to herein as "Agreement") is made between CGN Promotions LLC (sometimes referred to interchangeably on this Website and herein as "CGN Promotions", "we", or "us"), a Texas limited liability company, and the user of this Website. The aforementioned "user of this Website" refers to any individual or entity viewing, browsing, or purchasing from this Website, and shall also refer to any individual or entity viewing, browsing, or purchasing from this Website in his, her, or its capacity as an agent, representative, or principle on behalf of some other individual or entity (sometimes referred to herein as "User" or "you"). User accepts and enters into the terms of this Agreement by any instance of use of this Website; that is, the User accepts and enters into this Agreement by viewing or browsing any portion of this Website or by purchasing from this Website.

The terms and conditions set forth herein apply to this Website, including the Home page with domain name www.CGNPromotions.com and any web pages or sub-pages associated or affiliated therewith with any sub-domain names stemming from www.CGNPromotions.com (all pages collectively referred to herein as the "Website"), and the products for sale on the Website as advertised (referred to herein as "Products").

Content of Website

All content on the Website is owned by CGN Promotions. With regard to CGN Promotions's copyrights pertaining to this Website and its content, CGN Promotions grants to User a revocable license, the scope of which is limited to viewing the content of the Website for whatever length of time that User is viewing the Website. User is not permitted or authorized to copy, re-publish, modify, or distribute any content on the Website. CGN Promotions reserves the right to change the content on this Website, including these terms and conditions and the roster of Products.

This Website may contain typographical errors. User will hold harmless CGN Promotions for any typos or any damages or injuries caused by said typos.

Product Terms

If you place an order for one or more Products from this Website and any of said Products is out-of-stock or otherwise unavailable, CGN Promotions will, as a courtesy, attempt to contact User once, either via phone, with any phone number provided by User, or via e-mail, with any e-mail address provided by User, to notify User of the unavailability of such Product(s) and to allow User to change the order. If we are unable to speak directly with User via phone or if we do not receive a response to our e-mail, we will remove the out-of-stock products from your order and ship the remaining Products. CGN Promotions is not responsible for any delays in shipment for Products that are out-of-stock at the time the order is placed. User may request changes that User would like to make to User's order by emailing CGN Promotions at [email protected]This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it CGN Promotions will make reasonable efforts to change the order in line with User's request, but does not guaranty that said changes will be made.

Many Products on the Website are available in various colors (e.g. necklaces, bracelets, glow sticks, etc.). If User places an order for an assortment of colors for a certain product, CGN Promotions may, at its sole discretion, ship said assortment either: 1) in the form of multiple packages (that is, User may receive single packets of colors for said product, which User can mix to make an assortment), or 2) within one package containing multiple / assorted colors for said product.

The images on the Website may not accurately reflect the exact size, color, or style of the specific product that they represent. The actual product may or may not glow/light/illuminate to the degree that it appears to in our images.

CGN Promotions retains the exclusive right to refuse or cancel any orders for any reason it deems. In the event that CGN Promotions has elected to refuse or cancel an order, CGN Promotions will notify User of its election, and if User has already been charged for the purchase, CGN Promotions will immediately issue a credit to User in the amount of the charge.

Limitation of Liability

The sole intended use for each of the Products is the viewing of the luminescent qualities of the Products for entertainment purposes. The intended use applies to the Products in the form that they are sent by CGN Promotions. The Products should not be altered by User in any way, except as provided for in the directions provided with the Products.

Some Products, namely the glow products that illuminate when chemically activated, contain liquid chemicals that can be hazardous to children under the age of three (3) years old. These chemicals should not be ingested, sniffed, swallowed, or applied to the body in any way, whether topically to the skin or through an orifice. Allergic reactions to these liquid chemicals or to the Glow Paints can occur. Also, all Products contain plastic and glass components, which can puncture, scratch or wound the users if handled outside the scope of the intended use.

Do not expose Products to high temperatures, and do not apply unreasonably high pressure to the Products. All Products should be handled with care, and all packaging should be opened with caution.

CGN Promotions does not manufacture products that are sold on the Website. Accordingly, CGN Promotions shall not be liable to User, or to anyone who may claim any right due to its relationship with User, for any damages, whether injuries to User's person or property or otherwise, caused by the Products. Moreover, CGN Promotions shall not be liable to User, or to anyone who may claim any right due to its relationship with User, for any acts or omissions on the part of CGN Promotions or the agents or employees of CGN Promotions. CGN Promotions expressly disclaims all implied warranties to User, and further disclaims any implied warranties of merchantability, implied warranties of fitness for a particular purpose, and implied warranties of good and workmanlike performance. User will hold CGN Promotions free and harmless from any obligations, costs, claims, judgments, attorney's fees, or attachments arising from or growing out of the services rendered or Products sold to User, except when they arise from the willful misconduct of CGN Promotions, and CGN Promotions is adjudged to be guilty of willful misconduct by a court of competent jurisdiction.



CGN Promotions accepts Master Card, Visa, Discover, and American Express for payments made by credit card, and payments via checks drawn on U.S. banks. User will hold harmless CGN Promotions for any damages or injury caused by delays in order processing or delivery due to declined credit cards, delays in check clearance, or delays in purchase order (PO) faxes. CGN Promotions will only begin to process an order after the payment clears for that order.

We can ship orders COD (additional COD charges may apply), and Net accounts that wish to pay at 30 days (via credit card) will be assessed a 2 1/2% service fee. CGN Promotions will only begin to process a purchase order after the written purchase order is received (via fax, e-mail, or mail) and approved by a CGN Promotions manager. In the event payment is not received within thirty (30) days of a purchase order shipment, CGN Promotions shall charge interest on the outstanding balance at the annual rate of eighteen percent (18%) annually or the maximum rate allowed by law, whichever is greater. CGN Promotions is entitled to commence collection proceedings against the User pertaining to any outstanding payment amount after thirty days of nonpayment.

Texas residents will be charged Sales Tax in the amount of 8.25%. Pricing offered in quotes are only valid for 30 days from date on the quote. All prices are subject to change. If any price discrepancies, CGNPromotions Website is to be considered the most up-to-date and accurate pricing.

Optional Insurance

CGN Promotions offers an optional warranty that is available for purchase (at an additional cost) with the purchase of any Products. Said warranty only provides User with an option to replace any Products that were damaged while in transit to User.

Said warranty expires twelve (12) hours after the Products have been delivered to User. As such, if any ordered Products have been damaged during transit, User must notify CGN Promotions of the damage by phone within twelve (12) hours of the Products' delivery to User. Only the damaged Products will be replaced. The replacement Products will be shipped via FedEx or UPS standard ground. Rush or express shipping costs are not covered by said warranty. Additionally, said warranty does not cover or apply to any Products that may be lost or misplaced during transit.

Cancellations, Product Issues, Changes

All requests for cancellations and changes must be submitted to CGNPromotions and acknowledged in writing. Cancellations may be subject to partial or full charges. Any and all claims for misprints, poor quality imprints/decals, defective products, shortages, or color problems must be made within 14 days from receipt of goods. On rare occasions if you receive merchandise that is below our high standards of quality, we may offer a credit for those items or a replacement of those items. The resolution will be determined by CGNPromotions as deemed appropriate. For replacement or credit eligibility we will will require those goods to be available for return at our sole discretion.

If you would like to request a change in the quantity ordered at no additional cost, it can be done prior to the artwork approval process. Once production begins, additional charges may apply to any changes requested. If quantity is changed, shipping charges and production times may increase.

Refund Policy

CGN Promotions will not have any obligation to allow any returns or provide any refunds to User unless CGN Promotions mistakenly ships a product to User other than the product that was ordered by User. In particular, CGN Promotions will not allow returns, exchanges, or refunds in instances in which User is dissatisfied with the ordered Products, despite the ordered Products reasonably conforming to the description or image provided on the Website. Furthermore, no returns will be allowed for damaged Products received by User; however, damaged Products received by User may be replaced if User purchased the optional insurance available for purchase with any Products. All claims must be made within the first 30 days of the product shipment. Glow Paint Products cannot be returned once the packaging has been opened.

In the event that CGN Promotions elects to allow a return or exchange, re-stocking fees in the amount of twenty-five percent (25%) of the order price may apply, plus the original and any return shipping charges, and charges for any product not returned.

In the event that CGN Promotions elects to allow a return or exchange, User must, first, contact CGN Promotions regarding the shipment of the Products. Then, User must ship the Products back in the original packaging in which the Products were received by User (at the User's expense). In the event of an exchange, CGN Promotions will ship the corrected or replaced Products to User within thirty (30) days of CGN Promotion's receipt of the original Products sent from User. Moreover, CGN Promotions will not refund shipping charges under any circumstance, except that, in the sole discretion of CGN Promotions, CGN Promotions may refund shipping charges for some Products that are returned under the optional insurance.

Shipments refused or deemed undeliverable by UPS, FedEx or USPS will be charged a 25% restocking fee plus the shipping charges, both to the customer and return to us.

If User returns (pursuant to the terms herein) an item to which a discount or coupon was applied, User will only receive a refund in the amount of the discounted price.


User must provide CGN Promotions with a physical mailing address for delivery of Products as CGN Promotions will not ship Products to P.O. Box addresses. After CGN Promotions deposits the Products with FedEx or UPS, CGN Promotions will send an automated e-mail confirmation to User, at an e-mail address provided by User, with a tracking number.

User will hold harmless CGN Promotions for any damages or injury caused by delays in shipment due to incorrect or incomplete mailing addresses being provided by User. If User moves or desires to change the delivery location prior to the FedEx/UPS delivery, User is responsible for contacting FedEx/UPS directly to change the delivery address. If User does not timely contact FedEx/UPS, the shipment will be returned to CGN Promotions, and User will have to pay additional shipping charges for re-shipment of the ordered Products. User may elect to purchase rushed or expedited shipping services for orders within the United States. Such rushed or expedited shipping services require additional charges.

Typical timelines for Non-Imprinted items are as follows:

  • Orders with ground shipping will ship within 24 - 48 hours from the first business day following the day on which the order was placed.
  • Rush production orders will ship in 12 or 24 hours after order is placed (based on User selection).
  • If an order is placed prior to 2:00 PM central standard time or if rush production is selected, then the order will likely be processed within the same day as the day the order was placed.

User should note that when planning for product delivery on or around holidays, shipment delivery dates will likely be delayed, as FedEx/UPS locations may be closed to observe said holidays.

Though these are typical timelines, CGN Promotions does not guaranty any delivery dates. All delivery dates provided by CGN Promotions, whether within the U.S. or outside of the U.S., are estimates and in no event should User rely on these dates.

Customized/Imprinted Goods and Services

CGN Promotions offers a variety of imprintable items including, but not limited to: banners, invitations, light-up products, glow sticks and party supplies. All customized Products have a proof approval process, in which the customer checks all details (such as but not limited to: spelling, placement of printing, logo and font colors and grammar). CGN Promotions accepts No Responsibility for any mistakes made by the customer. Returns, credits and refunds will not be issued for custom / imprinted / custom-designed item(s).

CGN Promotions also offers customized, wired displays per special customer request. As these displays and/or Products are especially developed for the customer, No Returns, Credits or Refunds will be issued. The customer has 24 hours to make claims for any defective, wired Products or shortages on Customized Displays. CGN Promotions takes No Responsibility for electrical parts / Product shortages that may incur over time. There is No Guarantee on the life span of LED / electrical Products and Customized Displays; CGN Promotions has no control on the condition in which these displays are maintained.

International Orders

For orders shipping outside the United States, including but not limited to Canada, additional costs, such as local duties and/or taxes may apply. These additional costs are not charged or collected by CGN Promotions. User must seek consultation from User's local customs office to determine the nature and amount of the additional costs.

Choice of Law and Jurisdiction

This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Texas without regard to choice of law and conflicts of law principles. Furthermore, User and CGN Promotions acknowledge that any transactions envisioned by this Agreement bear a reasonable relation to the State of Texas and agree that the law of Texas will govern any transactions envisioned by this Agreement. Any disputes between User and CGN Promotions concerning the subject matter covered by this Agreement shall be submitted for resolution to the courts of Dallas County, Texas. User, by accepting the goods purchased, consents to personal jurisdiction to the Federal District and State District Courts of the State of Texas.


In the event that any provision of this Agreement, or the application hereof to any individual or circumstance, is held by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, illegal, or unenforceable in any respect under present or future laws effective during the effective term of any such provision, such invalid, illegal, or unenforceable provision shall be fully severable; and this Agreement shall then be construed and enforced as if such invalid, illegal, or unenforceable provision had not been contained in this Agreement; and the remaining provisions of this Agreement shall remain in full force and effect and shall not be affected by the illegal, invalid, or unenforceable provision or by its severance from this Agreement. Furthermore, in lieu of each such illegal, invalid, or unenforceable provision, there shall be added automatically as part of this Agreement a provision as similar in terms to such illegal, invalid, or unenforceable provision as may be possible and be legal, valid, and enforceable.

Failure to Enforce Not Waiver by CGN Promotions

Any failure or delay on the part of CGN Promotions to exercise any remedy or right under this Agreement will not operate as a waiver. The failure of CGN Promotions to require adherence to any of the terms, covenants, or provisions of this Agreement by User does not waive any of the rights of CGN Promotions under this Agreement. No forbearance by CGN Promotions to exercise any rights or privileges under this Agreement is intended as or should be construed as a waiver, but all rights and privileges of CGN Promotions will continue in effect as if no forbearance had occurred. No covenant or condition of this Agreement may be waived by CGN Promotions except by the written consent of CGN Promotions. Any written waiver by CGN Promotions of any term of this Agreement is effective only in the specific instance and for the specific purpose given.

Privacy Policy

CGN Promotions requires Users who register to use any of CGN Promotion's online applications or who purchase Products from the Website (the "Services") to give CGN Promotions the User's contact information. Depending on the Services chosen, CGN Promotions prompts User to input certain contact information and account information, such as name, company name, address, phone number, email address, password, certain financial and billing information (such as billing name, address and credit card number) and the number of users in the organization who will be using the Services. In limited instances, CGN Promotions may prompt User for additional personal information, such as title, department name, fax number or additional company information; however, this additional information is not mandatory for utilizing the CGN Promotions Services, and User can opt out of providing such additional information by simply not entering it when prompted.

CGN Promotions does not distribute or share User's e-mail addresses, except as indicated herein, or as may be otherwise required by law.

CGN Promotions uses User's personal information that is collected for the purpose of setting up the Services for individuals and their organizations. CGN Promotions may also use the information to contact Users to discuss their interest in CGN Promotions, to discuss the CGN Promotions Services and ways CGN Promotions can improve upon these Services, and to send marketing announcements concerning promotions and events for CGN Promotions or companies with which CGN Promotions has any sort of strategic or marketing alliance. CGN Promotions may also e-mail newsletters and updates about the Services or the company. You can opt out of receiving these communications by contacting us and requesting that you no longer receive these communications.

Any billing information that is collected through the Website is used solely to bill User. CGN Promotions does not use this billing information for marketing or promotional purposes, except as otherwise stated herein.

CGN Promotions uses a third-party intermediary to manage credit card processing. This intermediary is merely a link in the distribution chain for collecting and processing the credit card information; however, said third-party intermediary is not permitted or authorized by CGN Promotions to otherwise store, retain, or use the information provided.

Concerning usernames and passwords for those Users who register for a CGN Promotions online application, CGN Promotions will view or access individual records only with User's permission (for example, to resolve a problem or support issue). Users are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their user information, such as registration username and passwords.

CGN Promotions may also collect certain non-identifiable or non-personal information from Users. This information is logged to help diagnose technical problems, to administer the Website and Services, and to assist in the improvement of the quality of CGN Promotion's Website and Services. We may also track and analyze non-identifiable and aggregate usage and volume statistical information from Users and provide such information to third parties.

Back Order Policy

If any Products are not in stock and User orders any such Products, User may request that CGN Promotions place User's ordered Products on back-order until CGN Promotions receives a new shipment. Arrival of new shipments for Products typically ranges from thirty (30) to ninety (90) days, but may arrive earlier than thirty days or take longer than ninety. User shall hold CGN Promotions harmless for any delays in shipment concerning back-ordered Products. Any prospective delivery dates provided by CGN Promotions are merely estimates. If User would like an update as to the status of the delivery or the order processing with regard to the back-ordered Products, or if User would like to update or cancel User's order for back-ordered Products, User may call CGN Promotions to seek such update or make such update or cancellation.

CGN Promotions representatives will, as a courtesy, attempt to contact, either via phone with any phone number provided by User or via e-mail with any e-mail address provided by User, any User with Products on back-order once within ten (10) days of the new shipment's arrival to notify User of said arrival of the Products. If we are unable to speak directly with User via phone or if we do not receive a response to our e-mail within six (6) hours of sending, we will charge User's credit card, process the order and ship the back-ordered Products. Any User with Products on back-order should contact CGN Promotions if said User would like to remove the order from the back-order log.

User shall hold CGN Promotions harmless for any damages or injury caused by declined credit card charges with regard to back-ordered Products. If User's credit card is declined, User will be contacted, and User shall remain responsible payment and must provide CGN Promotions with an alternative form of payment.